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I have been working with Ravi Walsh for almost two years now.
I refer to him as “my personal guru”
He can be yours too!
This morning I awoke to his Facebook Live ‘Video’…and I hardly EVER check Facebook before 8am after I drop my daughter at school. So TRACK THAT!

FIND A QUIET PLACE TO SIT-and let Ravi guide you through this beautiful “blossoming” meditation…WOW…what a gift!
What a perfect start to my day!
Namaste Ravi!
In my practice with Ravi
He has taught me these things:
*love yourself so you can love others and be loved
*you get in life what you are in life…so be compassionate and loving…even if at first it feels uncomfortable…what comes back is enlightening and incredibly beautiful. Deep forgiveness is in there! For yourself first…and then for others.
*meditate daily…it keeps you on your path
*track events in your daily life…there are messages all around you…and they are FREE and incredible, and enlightening!
*see the beauty in struggle…it’s building you into the best you can be. Give up expectations. Just float in “what is”..and give into it. It will FREE YOU….NO DENYING IT.
*crying is beautiful…it means you broke through something…your tears are liquid gems of wisdom and healing.
*just “BE”…whatever and wherever you are…if you fight struggle…you are missing opportunities to grow. Peace and enlightenment come with getting real with yourself…and the closer you hold the mirror, the more you will begin to LOVE what you see…even the imperfections. ..because if you know you are imperfect, your level of compassion and non-judgment of others quadruples (and then some)

There’s more…but this is plenty for today!

Enjoy this gift I sent you today…you can thank Ravi!
Hit him up on facebook if you’d like to change your life. Literally

*I was not compensated in any way to send this your way…but I WAS compensated …with joy

~ Marion Ferrer

What I’ve learned from Ravi

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