twohandsheartPause with this question…. when *really* was the last time you gave yourself the Gift of 14 hours to work with a group of likeminded and likehearted individuals with the same longing to deepen the world and wisdom of the Heart?

The 7 week course, The LivingCurriculum: Into the Heart of Love begins May 3, Sunday evenings, 6-8 pm.

  • Do you ReMember what it feels like to look into the eyes of a stranger and truly see them?
  • Do you ReMember your inner “walls” disappearing?
  • Do you ReMember noticing how that experience continued to unfold into the rest of your life?

Why do this in a group?

As an African proverb states: If you want to go fast, travel alone. If you want to go far, travel with others…

To explore the depths of You, in the grace of a group, is an astounding experience. SacredCommunity is an element on the journey of self realization, that fulfills one of the Heart’s yearnings… to See and be Seen, honestly, in the mirrors the surround us… to actively create and participate, fully, in a world where we consciously relate to one another, with understanding, with reverence.

The group setting actively supports the Grace of Discipline…It is most often the most significant missing factor from manifestation. Discipline does not mean rigid, strict, and serious. It means meeting and bridging your daily attention with the tools that will lead you INTO seeing, learning and loving the myriad ways your intention is flourishing in your life, today! Dear Ones…there is much laughter and lightness, as well as deep introspection and honesty on the HeartPath…

If your Heart feels a pull to say Yes to this course, click Join. Your Mind will likely, within about 5 seconds, attempt to dissuade you. We kid you not…Your Heart will recognize the opportunity this is for You, and Mind will offer a list of excuses. Its just how the mind works… Heart longs for deep connection with others, and mind will simply try to talk you out of it:

We will be happy to speak to you individually to help you sift through any questions or thoughts you might have, to help you find your honest yes or honest no:  Call Daniela Hess: 607.592.4939 or Ravi Walsh: 607.220.6088

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