One of the root thoughts that every single person, throughout the day, believes is true: I’m Not Good Enough…I’m Not Worthy is its doppelganger. You might be reading this, thinking, wait a minute… I KNOW I’m the entire ocean in a drop, I AM Divine, I AM good enough, yet, somewhere in your day, it will show up… How can you tell when you are believing this to be true? Your feelings will tell you. The signatures of this belief are sadness, resignation, unsettled, irritation, offended, defensive, or pouty… Just to name a few… this belief, in action, manifests as over apologizing, defensiveness, not being able to say no, with confidence, nervousness in eye contact, and overextending oneself to others, yet not taking equal care of oneself…

What do we *do*, to compensate for the belief, Im Not Good Enough? we seek Approval… all over the place, especially in our relationships. All of our relationships are fair play for the seeking of approval…Anyone we are engaged with becomes fair game, and until we are aware of this root belief, we search for the approval of others to tell us we are good enough.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
~carl jung

Want to find what it looks and feels like for you? Take a moment to close your eyes, and Ask to See/Feel/Image it… You are Listening for a scene where You are the central character, and you believed, in a moment of a scene, that you were not good enough. Often times, scenes from childhood emerge, as they are simple, and clear… My mind offered up a scene where I was about 8 years old. I was crying to my mom because classmates and children on the bus were teasing me for being ugly. My mom held me, consoling me, and them looked me in the eyes and said, “Dani… it’s ok…it’s ok… you just have a face only a Mother could love”.

(pause here… now, I Know, with all of my Being, she meant well, and it was her way of saying I Love you, however, as we begin to explore scenes in our life that deepened the root fear of Im Not Good Enough, with what appears to be irrefutable evidence, its important to review what we believed THEN, exactly as it was unfolding.

finding scenes where we believed a stressful though true, is the scene unique in Your Dream… EVERYONE has their own scene of I’m Not Good Enough, this fear… you know the acronym for F.E.A.R.: False Evidence Appearing Real.)

I recall going upstairs, feeling comfort and terror, alternating within my system…I recall thinking, “On the one hand, my Mom will Love me, no matter how hideous I am or could be (comforting)”, “On the other hand, that means that EVERYONE ELSE might decide I’m not good enough for them to be around (terror)”.

In the upcoming 7 week HeartPath Institute course: The LivingCurriculum, we will be guiding you through exercises designed to enable you to identify the signatures of Your root beliefs, and how to work with them, in precision and grace… Before anything can transform, the first necessary step is Identification, which leads to Awareness…. You will be able to Hear your root beliefs (which are stressful), and apply methods to dismantle and transform them, with understanding and grace.

HeartPath Meditation coupled with Inquiry provides clarity and understanding of our root beliefs. HeartPath Meditation guides us IN, where we can experience the Pause, the space between thoughts…it enables us to slow down… to notice…to hear and be able to identify the OTHER thoughts that tag team with the root belief of I’m Not Good Enough… (yes, out of this root belief, others latch right on for the ride… often, I’ll Be Left Alone, or I’ll Be Abandoned dances with I’m Not Good Enough…)

Inquiry, which is a precision method of working with stressful thoughts, is a method of uniting the mind and the heart, in contemplative mediation, to meet thinking first with understanding and honesty, and then with grace and clarity… Inquiry, for open minded students and clients, is often described as a deep inner spiritual journey to the Heart, with mind and thinking as the starting point, the springboard. The process of Inquiry and HeartPath Meditation, provide You the ability to work WITH You… The instruction we provide and the questions you will ask yourself in this course will be simple. Mind, on the other hand, will at times, fight you… beg you to hold fast to your stories, with evidence of how you ARE alone, or NOT good enough…. its OK… this is not our first rodeo. Nor Yours…

With mindful awareness on the journey of self realization, you will notice and experience changes in your life… a decreased ability to become offended by others, a lightness emerges, and students eyes *change*… ever look into the eyes of someone in Joy? LightHearted? Ram Dass describes the Liquid Luminosity of the eyes… you can see and feel this speak to you, move you, through people’s eyes… as we clean and clear our own lenses, how and what we experience, will change, as well. What we perceive, changes, what we welcome, changes… how we Love, deepens.

< * wink * >


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