The light of the Heart nurtures, endures, cares and cures. The Heart’s light is a beacon and balm for all; not just seekers but for those who shun the very light that sustains all life. The Heart’s light envelopes everyone.

Turning to the light is the most important act we perform in our day. It is a very simple practice but as many, many people are now discovering, it is not always easy. Turning to the light is turning our awareness within instead of “without”. Turning to the light means keeping the heart open in the face of stress, loss and pain. Turning to the light means guarding against closing our hearts above all else. Turning to the light is the practice of the peaceful warrior.

The reason we meditate is to cultivate the discipline of turning to the light. When we chant, the mind is naturally tuned to the light and we remember, again, how to live from the heart. We track our experiences in the world in order to recognize how the light is guiding us for yet another day. When we turn to the light, we remember how natural it is to love one another in good times and bad.

Turning to the darkness in this world, seeing the darkness in other people, has now become a habit for us. All habits are easy to sustain. For many of us, turning to the darkness has declined from a habit to a trap. For example, we wake up in the morning and the sky is overcast with clouds, cold rain is drizzling over everything and the stinging wind pierces our skin as the door opens. Without thinking, we turn to the darkness inside- gloomy thoughts, dreadful feelings and hesitant steps are what we have to offer life on this new day. Our creativity is obscured, our natural, joyful light dims before we even get out of the house. A few days of this scenario and we forget the light entirely.

We open Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google news in search of the light only to be greeted by a river of violence, hatred, fear, revenge and empty sex. Dressed with new characters, we see the same scenes playing before us everyday. We are trapped in reflections of human darkness. Habituated to the darkness, we miss the thousand and one invitations to leave our dread filled dramas and turn to the light. Pretty soon, today  looks the same as yesterday, no change in our inner forecast, no chance of light today!

” There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground. There are a thousand ways to go home again.” ~Rumi

Of course as responsible citizens  we need to stay up to date with current events. But a steady diet of darkness is not healthy for us or our planet. Seeing this simple fact and resolving to change our habit is the first step in turning to the light. Then we need only act on this resolution, today!  No matter how long ago we stopped turning to the light, we can just begin again today, here, now. Isn’t this the only way true change happens, beginning again and again and again? When we let go of marking our progress and just begin our practice today, we see how simple it is to turn to the light.

We can begin our  meditation practice for just five minutes today. We can chant or sing to our favorite uplifting song today. We can dress for the weather and actually fulfill our resolution to walk today. We can discard or give away the sweets in our cupboard and fridge and begin to eat more fruits and vegetables today. We can put time limits on our social media today. We can stop waiting for the world to give us light and be the light, just for today. We can? Yes, we can, just for today.

Today we can feed our heart and soul with light! Remember, the only spiritual practice we need  for joy, love and contentment to blossom in our life is to turn to the light! One day at a time we become like sunflowers and spend our day turning our smiling faces to the thousand opportunities for recognizing the light. How?  Truly looking at and thanking  our waiter or waitress, our bus driver, our kids, our parents, our self for giving all they do to us. How? Pausing to listen when we are spoken to, listening not to the tone but the actual words that are being spoken. That is turning to the light. When we are yelled at or ignored by a stranger, remembering that we cannot know the burden they are carrying and saying nothing. That is turning to the light.  As we do this every new day, it becomes our new habit and spreads light into every new moment. We will see that this light nurtures, endures, cares and cures us and others from the habits of the dark. The light leads us. The light guides us. The light blesses us in every moment! When we turn to the light, the light turns to us. After all, is there anything greater to give this world today, everyday?

Turning to the light is the most important act in our day. Just try it and see for yourself, today!

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