Sun HeartPain is inevitable in this life. If there is a body, there is pain. Be it physical, emotional or mental, the potential for pain awaits us at every turn.

Why? Why is pain inevitable? The great poet Kahlil Gibran said, “Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.” Pain is the experience of realizing our Truth. Pain awakens us to our own spiritual path. Want to know where you are on your path to enlightenment? Look at how you deal with your pain. Our own individual experience of Self love awakens through shedding the layers of denial and illusion that keep us numb; numb to our pain and therefore love. Like the snake shedding it’s skin, shedding our illusions is painful because we have to rub up against the pillars of our sacred beliefs (disguised as Truth) that we cling to so dearly: our children’s love and acceptance, our perceived financial stability, our partner’s fidelity, the list goes on and on and on.

Recently I met a student who I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. When we last spoke she told me of the tremendous pain she lived with 24/7 after learning of her partner’s infidelity. Initially, her mind screamed, “Leave Him”! Everywhere she turned, family and friends echoed this wisdom. But this wasn’t the first time this had happened in her life and leaving husband number one obviously didn’t prevent it from happening with number two, track that. Her pain was so present in our conversation that it awakened me to my own brushes with unyielding pain. I watched the familiar dance between grief and anger, resentment and the longing to forgive. What can you say to someone when they are in the thick of it all? Unyielding pain overwhelms us, confirms our powerlessness and opens the mind to the ravages pain has left in our soul.

When we met again, I was pulled into her eyes. The white halo around her brilliant blue irises held me in her gaze. Strong and yet soft, no words were needed to convey the wisdom and joy left in the wake of her battle with her pain. When she finally spoke, she mused about the transformation as only one who has shed her own skins could, “I am totally different,” she spoke silently, almost to herself. “We’re still together, but it’s different now. We laugh like we have never laughed, even before the affair. He listens now, and so do I. Oh, I’ll still keep him up all night with the questions: Why, When, Where, How? But he answers, honestly and he doesn’t gripe about me keeping him up til morning. I love him for that and I love me for daring to keep asking. I don’t know when we’ll be finally over it, but I don’t think of that. I love that we have gone through this together. It isn’t pretty, but we have gone through it together.”

She ended by sharing pain’s ultimate gift of love: going through it together, opened her to new ways of thinking like: what kind of teaching she is giving her kids, her community, what legacy will she leave her grand-kids by choosing to be with her pain instead of running from it? When we surrender our heart to pain’s firm grip, we see our story shaped into a precious scripture for others to savor, to grow through witnessing. We are never alone, there are always others watching and learning from how we walk our path, especially our paths of pain.

Think about it. When have you truly known that you were alive? When you were in love and when you were in pain. For most of us our path into aliveness flowed in that order- love led to pain. That is until we embrace the lessons like this student- true love cannot be found outside in the arms of anyone, only inside our own self, in our own Heart. Pain is what releases our grip on that which is not true and opens us to embrace what is left behind, our own Self and that is love. What is left after pain pries our fingers free from all that is not us? love, true love. Like an impression burned into the record of our life, once we are free from the grasping, clinging, bargaining, and burning, love plays sweetly for us.

Love is what is left in the wake of embracing our constant companion- pain. Until then, Love Hurts. The choice is ours.


  1. To see and read your perception of this has been a God send. Many tracking events have come since. More embracing, more tears, more LOVE. very emotional this week. BUT, OH, THE GROWTH!


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