Consider your life here to be a hostage situation:

You feel deeply inspired to move in a new direction with your life: new relationship, new career, new place to live, or new Spirit based purpose. You don’t have to think about this shift, you feel it in bliss, joy and deep trust. You just KNOW it. When it calls to you, you see glimpses of it brewing up from the depths of your being! This is the language of Your Soul.

Now what is the first thing that happens after this occurs? The ego hijacks this inspired experience through whispering: “How are you going to do that? Where are you going to get the money and time and support for it? Who do you know who has done this already? Well, that never worked for anyone I know. That’s just a pipe dream! You can’t do that!!!!

Sound familiar, what do you feel now?

Welcome to the world of your ego! In the eyes of Spirit, the ego is a terrorist. It’s first line of defense against New Year’s resolutions like those above is TERRORISM through constant reacting! Most ego’s REACT to change. To React the ego Re-Enacts previous terrifying experiences it has had along the way to protect us from having that happen again! But has the ego actually lived through those terrifying experiences? Well, maybe not. But it certainly has witnessed or heard about these happening to someone close to it. Well, maybe not someone close, but, but, someone! Anyone?

Because let’s face it, most of what the ego is afraid of didn’t even happen to US or someone we know intimately. It happened to someone we heard about, but we actually didn’t even know that person. Someone we read about, but where and when? Surely, it happened to someone and someone and someone else! Right?  To this line of inquiry the ego reacts with, “Whatever! I’m just trying to protect us from failing and what could be wrong with that?”

Nothing except that to provide us with its protection, the ego assumes the worst will happen to us and it must constantly remind us of just what failure looks, sounds and feels like, constantly! This is terrorism. If we lived with a partner that spoke to us like our ego, we could report them to the police for abuse. But who you gonna call to get the ego removed from your “home”?

The Soul has four ways of dealing with this terrorist ego, Time, Presence, Inspiration and Remembrance. The Soul definitely doesn’t deal with the ego through Negotiation! That’s because like all Terrorists, the ego is defensive, manipulative, and dangerous- to itself and others. Because of this, the Soul knows- There is no negotiating with Terrorists!

Like experienced hostage negotiators, the Soul has dealt with the ego before, millions of times. It knows how the ego works, knows its cravings, its weaknesses and inevitably it knows that in Time, the ego will cave. How does the Soul make the ego cave? This is the Soul’s next terrorist tool: Presence. The Soul makes its presence known to the ego over and over and over again. In HeartPath Spiritual Coaching and Direction we see this through  “Tracking” events that happen. These are the synchronicities, coincidences, animal encounters and strange messages that just keep showing up! These are Soul’s signatures left all over the ego’s world; the Soul’s way of assuring the ego,

“Dear ego, I Got This! ” The SOUL!

Eventually, the ego will relinquish its hold on our awareness,  allow the Soul to step onto center stage and ego will fall back into its appointed role,  Servant to the Master Soul. But not to worry ego, when you are in service to the Soul you receive what you have needed all along- Inspiration! Inspiration is the Soul’s ace in the hole.

Inspiration comes from the Latin, Inspiriatio, In Spirit! It is the Soul that gives us what we are truly longing for here, the act of bringing our spirit into this world!  As reflected in the Christian Bible:

Then the LORD God formed  humans from the dust of the ground and breathed into their nostrils the breath of life, and the humans became living beings.

The Soul knows that the ego is forgetful. Though it is eager to cherish these moments of inspiration, it is quick to forget them and succumb to the fears and doubts that it has become accustomed to living with 24/7. No worries ego, the Soul has patience and it can wait a thousand years. For the Soul knows that the ego changes through Remembrance!  Over time ego slips into forgetfulness: forgetting the divine glimpses of love, truth and glory that filled its lungs in that shining moment of inspired living; yesterday, last month, last year, just a moment ago.

We can help the Soul’s dealing with our beloved terrorist- ego- by immersing ourselves in the practices of meditation, chanting, service, inquiry and worship to cultivate Remembrance. Through constantly remembering our own divinity, we remember the ego’s true function in this life, to move from Master to servant. Mastery is the Soul’s job and it does it by breathing the love and light of life into our ego. The Soul rehabilitates the ego and teaches it how to move from a mere existence as a self centered terrorist into a willing and eager servant of the Soul.

Through the Soul’s rehabilitation and reeducation programs of TimePresence, Inspiration and Remembrance the ego awakens from its nightmare of terrorizing us with guilt over the past and fear of the future. Ego bows down to the real experience of living in the present moment, right here, right now: bathing  in the light of freedom.

What more could a human being ask for?


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