DanielaProfileDaniela is a Spiritual Director and co-founder of the HeartPath Institute.  She is a certified Spiritual Life Coach and Reiki Master.  For 7 years she has been guiding individuals and couples to to tell the truth to themselves and one another, to live into their Purpose, and to make Love matter.

Her 20 years in spiritual study and application are primarily from the Mahayana School of Tibetan Buddhism,  as well as contemporary mentors such as Byron Katie, Caroline Myss, Deepak Chopra, Ravi Walsh, and Dr. Jackie Black. The synthesis of the oral teachings and transmissions of an unbroken lineage combined with the contemporary teachings of Inquiry, modern mysticism, and HeartPath techniques fuel Daniela’s capacity of razor sharp listening, and guiding students into the very questions they seek answers to.

Daniela is delighted and honored to partner with Ravi Walsh, as the synergy of their collaborative teaching brings something uniquely traditional and contemporary to students.

“Ravi is a Master level coach and Spiritual Director, as he reflects back to every student and client their own True Nature. He activates and catalyzes life changing internal shifts with others clients, helping them to awaken seeds of ripe potentiality. It is magical to work with someone so skilled in helping people step into their highest potential, and merge into the depths and power of their own Heart Wisdom.”

Daniela offer her teaching in group classes along with Ravi and has limited opportunities for individual, 1-on-1 customized coaching and spiritual direction.

Interested in learning more? Email Daniela@Heartpathinstitute.org, Phone/Text 607.592.4939