chakra6A golden, clear mind is the intended result of our Sacred Warrior Immersion. We practice to fully realize and perceive the authentic Self in ourself, and in all others. If you are ready to turn around your SWSeriousnessLonelinessseriousness and loneliness and rediscover lasting tranquility and freedom, this is for you.

In our 14-week ‘Sacred Warrior Immersion’ course, you will have the opportunity to deeply imbibe the teachings of true yoga and the path of the heart. In addition to the once-a-week meeting time, there are activities and contemplations, discussion and interactions that work together to create the full immersion experience. This course is part of our ‘Ways of the Sacred Warrior‘ curriculum.

Our journey together works with five core archetypes (child, victim, prostitute, saboteur & addict). Archetypes are patterned ways of behavior that when unaddressed, hidden, or denied, are then given the power to divert us from our true potential.

Our core practices in the Sacred Warrior Immersion are drawn from the Bhagavad Gita, called the ‘5 austerities of the mind’. They are:

  • Tranquility of the Mind
  • Gentleness
  • Silence
  • Self-Restraint
  • Purity of Being

Each austerity is the antidote to the forgetfulness that overcomes us when we live from the shadows of our archetypes. Practicing the austerities awakens, purifies and detaches us from cycles of suffering, and delivers us to the awareness of we really are: the Light of Awareness and the Power of the All-inclusive Self.

When awakened to the Power and Light of Pure Awareness, we become able to choose freely, and understand the choices we have made. We step out of the shadows and into a life of tranquility and liberation. Healing of ourselves, our families, and our society begins here. This is the ‘Way of the Sacred Warrior’.

What will you receive from this course?

  • Tools for sustaining a golden, clear mind
  • Ability to sustain lightheartedness
  • Grateful engagement with others
  • Freedom from habits that no longer serve

This course brings together the teachings and active support of all three founders of Yoga Farm and HeartPath Institute for the very first time. The course includes:


  • Course underway! Next one begins January 2017 – Email us to be on the list if you’d like to be notified when registration opens.

Where: Yoga Farm, Lansing, NY.

$575 per person if you join with a friend
$675 per person individual registration

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