Hi Ravi,

I have just had a chance to read parts of your book and I wanted you to know that I have loved what I have read!  While a good deal of it is familiar to me both from our sessions together and the classes you have taught, reading it in book form brings new insights and aha moments to me.  Most importantly, however, is the fact that this book will keep you close no matter where I am.  I can only imagine the effort it took to write this and I know many, including me, will benefit greatly.  Thank you!

With love, Patty Malvik

The Contemplative Heart: A Path To Self-Mastery

So grateful for YOU! Many times I have wanted to share with you the amazing realizations, awakenings, and releases I have experienced over the past month, but they’ve been so numerous! I’m imagining I’d fill up your text messages and FB PM’s with never ending monologues! Suffice it to say that since the beginning of the Heart Path class in May, and even more so since the firewalk, I have experienced an outstanding spiritual growth spurt! I am so grateful for the tools you offer and the lessons you teach. They have allowed me to recapture my power that was otherwise held captive in so many places. Love to you both in this wonderful season of thanksgiving!

Ellie, Freeville, NY

If I had not worked with Ravi I think I would have been content with leaving a painful past buried deep inside. I would continue to struggle with guilt about my negative judgements of others and myself and I would have remained separate from aspects of my soul that you led me to retrieve. I would not have been able to find my path to: ‘A New Chance To Live My Life.’

Heidi Lee, Ithaca

Hi Ravi, I want you to know how much your teachings and satsangs have done for me personally. The meditation class you taught has led to my regular meditation practice. The introduction to The Work of Byron Katie has fundamentally changed the  way I view the world and think. Your HeartPath Satsangs have been vitally important in giving me the energy I needed to return to life again. I had a very rough time a few years ago, and had just retreated. I had a lot of anxiety and depression, kept at bay with prescription drugs. When you did hands on Reiki at the first Satsang I attended, I felt a physical shift in my head and felt markedly better emotionally in the following weeks. In later Satsangs, I felt more shifts and they have continued. By the end of last year, I had weaned myself off of my anti-depressant completely.

Kathryn Russell

Ravi helped me understand the calling that was laid on my heart early in life. I discovered, with his help, that I had been running from fulfilling my purpose because of an unrealistic fear of failure.  I am moving ahead with my purpose without fear and never turning back! I am living a joyful life in every moment and every circumstance. I tried doing this for years but always struggled. Since working with Ravi, I’ve learned what’s out of my hands, what’s true, and how to let go of all the rest.
Thank you for teaching me how to be the real me!

Jen Lindblad

I have been working with Ravi Walsh for almost two years now.
I refer to him as “my personal guru”
He can be yours too!
This morning I awoke to his Facebook Live ‘Video’…and I hardly EVER check Facebook before 8am after I drop my daughter at school. So TRACK THAT!

FIND A QUIET PLACE TO SIT-and let Ravi guide you through this beautiful “blossoming” meditation…WOW…what a gift!
What a perfect start to my day!
Namaste Ravi!
In my practice with Ravi
He has taught me these things:
*love yourself so you can love others and be loved
*you get in life what you are in life…so be compassionate and loving…even if at first it feels uncomfortable…what comes back is enlightening and incredibly beautiful. Deep forgiveness is in there! For yourself first…and then for others.
*meditate daily…it keeps you on your path
*track events in your daily life…there are messages all around you…and they are FREE and incredible, and enlightening!
*see the beauty in struggle…it’s building you into the best you can be. Give up expectations. Just float in “what is”..and give into it. It will FREE YOU….NO DENYING IT.
*crying is beautiful…it means you broke through something…your tears are liquid gems of wisdom and healing.
*just “BE”…whatever and wherever you are…if you fight struggle…you are missing opportunities to grow. Peace and enlightenment come with getting real with yourself…and the closer you hold the mirror, the more you will begin to LOVE what you see…even the imperfections. ..because if you know you are imperfect, your level of compassion and non-judgment of others quadruples (and then some)

There’s more…but this is plenty for today!

Enjoy this gift I sent you today…you can thank Ravi!
Hit him up on facebook if you’d like to change your life. Literally

*I was not compensated in any way to send this your way…but I WAS compensated …with joy

~ Marion Ferrer

What I’ve learned from Ravi

I had been searching, it seems a lifetime, to find true purpose and direction in my life. Having the deep inner sense that we are put on this planet for a reason, my quest for the right path finally funneled into the HeartPath practice taught by Ravi Walsh, Spiritual Life Coach.

Ravi’s unique style of Spiritual Life Coaching is a system he developed and enables one to realize and live their highest potential. This process, based on ancient practices combined with current inquiry and tracking methods, has quite literally transformed my life emotionally, spiritually and physically. And my mission to find my life’s purpose was fulfilled!

The tools I received during my sessions with Ravi will be with me for a lifetime and continue daily to enrich my life, bring me peace and joy, enhance my relationships, and enable me to reach out to others and live my life’s purpose.

Margaret Snow

I am a three time HeartPath student who keeps coming back because of the life-shaking realizations and breakthroughs I’ve had in these classes. 

As a trained therapist and someone who has been through therapy, I thought I’d seen and done it all. You dig in the emotional dirt to get at the roots of problems, acknowledge the feelings, gain perspective and let the past go. 

HeartPath comes at this task from a different, spiritual perspective. It sneaks in the backdoor and uses keys, like guided meditation to uncover things you can’t think about directly. 

You start to notice the symbols and coincidences that appear in the world around you. The classes help you recognize and  connect to your own inner wisdom. 

We explore and reflect, while being safely “held” by the group. For me, the mental chatter has died down and I feel more peaceful and guided than I ever have before. There is clarity and calm where there once was noise. 

If you are seeking peace, increased self-awareness and the confidence to live a fuller life, HeartPath may be perfect for you.

Cathy Norton, Lansing NY

This course provided me a way to see through my own confusion and dive deeply into the truth of my own mind and heart.  I was able to trace my own recurring painful stories back to their actual sources.  In our friendly small-group environment, we supported each other in becoming free of our old stories, and stepping into the strength that comes from knowing our intention for our lives now is possible

HeartPath provides me with insight into my individual truth. Daniela and Ravi are warm, loving, skilled spiritual guides who help us to identify patterns causing difficulty and sadness on our lives. Daniela and Ravi offer a path of discovery without judgment or expectation. It feels like family, church, nature and love all at once. I entered class thinking I was at a crossroads. Now I see I am at a threshold.  I’m amazed and grateful!

What an incredible experience The Living Curriculum into the Heart of Love proved to be!  Thank you!!   I have taken many spiritual and self-awareness seminars and classes through the years but nothing compares to this.

Your love, understanding, empathy,  wisdom, encouragement and expert class leadership enabled each of  us to dig down deep and “see”  how each of us viewed life, ourselves and the world in general and how those views or “atonement stories” limited each of us.

With your guidance we learned to heal and to grow in our understanding that there was so much more!  The heartfelt sharing, insightful questions and the deep compassion from all members of the class were remarkable.

And… the loving energy coursing through each class – I’ll never forget that energy!  My life has already changed for the better now that I have learned more to Be In and Love From the Heart, and I am anxious to take the next class!  Again, Thank You for being such beautiful guides and lights in our lives.

Dearest Daniela, your class has made such a difference in my life. You and Ravi were such amazing ‘guides’ and I felt that I was in such capable hands. Your program was of the highest standard, thoughtful, well planned and beautifully executed. I will be happy to recommend it to all! I would love to take the advance class but will be out of the country for most of it. Please give me a shout when the next course will be.
I have much love for all my fellow heart pathers and will miss them. How blessed I am to call you friend…  In love, peace and TRUST

This course provided me with structure and form to explore my continued awakening process. I had many self-realizations during the work, and it had a positive impact on my life. I have recommended this course to others, and will continue to do so. Ravi and Dani have a graceful way of working together that enhances the coursework and brings more to this realm of what I can offer my clients, so I am happy to recommend this course to clients near and far, as I continue on this same path.

Jim Warren talks about experience with HeartPath Institute Reiki

Jim Warren