What an incredible experience The Living Curriculum into the Heart of Love proved to be!  Thank you!!   I have taken many spiritual and self-awareness seminars and classes through the years but nothing compares to this.

Your love, understanding, empathy,  wisdom, encouragement and expert class leadership enabled each of  us to dig down deep and “see”  how each of us viewed life, ourselves and the world in general and how those views or “atonement stories” limited each of us.

With your guidance we learned to heal and to grow in our understanding that there was so much more!  The heartfelt sharing, insightful questions and the deep compassion from all members of the class were remarkable.

And… the loving energy coursing through each class – I’ll never forget that energy!  My life has already changed for the better now that I have learned more to Be In and Love From the Heart, and I am anxious to take the next class!  Again, Thank You for being such beautiful guides and lights in our lives.