I am a three time HeartPath student who keeps coming back because of the life-shaking realizations and breakthroughs I’ve had in these classes. 

As a trained therapist and someone who has been through therapy, I thought I’d seen and done it all. You dig in the emotional dirt to get at the roots of problems, acknowledge the feelings, gain perspective and let the past go. 

HeartPath comes at this task from a different, spiritual perspective. It sneaks in the backdoor and uses keys, like guided meditation to uncover things you can’t think about directly. 

You start to notice the symbols and coincidences that appear in the world around you. The classes help you recognize and  connect to your own inner wisdom. 

We explore and reflect, while being safely “held” by the group. For me, the mental chatter has died down and I feel more peaceful and guided than I ever have before. There is clarity and calm where there once was noise. 

If you are seeking peace, increased self-awareness and the confidence to live a fuller life, HeartPath may be perfect for you.