HeartPath Spiritual Direction and Coaching provide you with access to your inner Wisdom along with a map through the maze of your self-defeating desires and gratifications of the ego. The Wisdom within us always moves us toward balance, healing, peace, courage, and love. This is the path of the Sacred Warrior.

HeartPath Spiritual Life Coaching

HeartPath Spiritual Life Coaching is a program focused on helping clients realize and live their highest potential.

In this work, our clients go through three stages:

  1. Dare to fall blissfully in love with yourself
    • You can only love others to the degree that you love yourself
  2. Love unreasonably from the open heart
    • You remember how to love without reason or expectations
  3. Experience the rapture of being alive
    • You are feeling the effects of this work moment by moment. When you feel this rapture, you know you are living the present moment, where all the power, all the peace and all the love we seek is found.

HeartPath Spiritual Direction

HeartPath Spiritual Directors are your guides to bridge the shores of your inner and outer worlds.

We experience our lives physically. We think about and rationalize the dynamics of our lives mentally. We process everything emotionally and psychologically. 

But it is the Heart within us that holds the key to the significant questions of life: 

  • What is my purpose?
  • Why am I struggling?
  • How do I sustain joy?
  • Why do I feel depleted?

Through HeartPath Spiritual Direction, we enter into this quality of dialogue with the intent of letting the Heart/Spirit within “reveal to us” the story we are living  and re-living, That is our life! Once we see or Track our way through these “old” story lines we free ourselves from the misery of old perspectives and reclaim own our life! 

  •  Tools

Free of our Victim stories, we can finally explore and embrace the power and magic of creating from the Heart’s Intent. We learn to Track the unfolding of synchronicities, coincidences, animal encounters and the infinite clues that are constantly guiding us from within and without. When fear and obstacles arise that typically have led us to sabotage our progress, we turn to Inquiry for clarity and reconnection to the mystery of the Heart. Centered and clear in body, mind and spirit, we open to the light and love of HeartPath Institute Reiki to guide us fully into all life has in store for Us!

As we reawaken to the experience of the sacred Heart, which is always open, we experience this awakening rippling out around us; changing the outer world to reflect the new full connection to our inner Self .

Our one-on-one work is the most powerful and straight forward way for us to support your path to your Self. We offer monthly to yearly programs in person or over the phone to facilitate your breakthroughs.

“The Present Moment is the only time you can change what isn’t working and maintain what is working in your life.” ~ Swami Chidvilasananda

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