Is it your dream to coach others to be the very best they can be? Our courses and certification process will prepare you to be the very best coach you can be, for you, and for others.

13119001_537804043094909_4375151058612843959_nWhat is Spiritual Life Coaching?

As a HeartPath Spiritual Coach, you will guide clients to their own your inner Wisdom along with a map through the maze of self-defeating desires and gratifications of the ego.

The Wisdom within us always moves us toward balance, healing, peace, courage, and love.

It is an honor to provide these services to others.

HeartPath Spiritual Life Coach Training

HeartPath Spiritual Life Coach Training is a program focused on helping you learn the tools so that clients realize and live their highest potential.

In this work, our clients go through three stages:

  1. Dare to fall blissfully in love with yourself
    • You can only love others to the degree that you love yourself
  2. Love unreasonably from the open heart
    • You remember how to love without reason or expectations
  3. Experience the rapture of being alive
    • You are feeling the effects of this work moment by moment. When you feel this rapture, you know you are living the present moment, where all the power, all the peace and all the love we seek is found

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