As a HeartPath Spiritual Director, you will learn to skillfully guide others into the wisdom they already possess. You will help others gain clarity and learn to be the very best they can be.  We train people in an intensive course to become HeartPath Spiritual Directors.

13124988_538231823052131_7812680398737605370_nAs Spiritual Directors, we enter into a dialogue with a client with the intention of allowing them to reveal the story of their life, to discover their own inner wisdom, alive in that moment.

No one is born knowing who they are, why they are here, or what they are meant to accomplish. We each search for that ourselves, and discover so much wisdom in the experience of the mystery along the way.

Every moment, every experience is rich with detail, with tracking events, with clues about the meaning of our lives, and how our intention is guiding us, step by step.

A Spiritual Director is a sacred witness to another’s life, to create a space of safety for them, to ask skillful questions, to light up the shadows for closer examination.

If you love to support people in their own growth, healing, and understanding the meaning of their own life, then inquire further to start the mutual interview process for our next Spiritual Direction Certification program. We have a rolling registration and you can join at the next entry point. These are small, intimate group classes and class meeting times are mutually agreed on. Currently we meet Tuesday mornings.

Our program lasts many months, and involves a deep search in your own life along the way. We would love to share our vision for how we can guide humanities passage into the awakened heart.

Contact us to begin the process.